About us

About Us

CybizCorp is an India Entry and Expansion Strategist, Marketing Consultant and Brand Representative specializing in Franchising, Licensing and Channel Distribution in verticals like Business Services, Retail and Hospitality. Under special circumstances, CybizCorp may also take the Master Franchise of key global and Indian companies that it services. CybizCorp is currently the Master Franchisor of RE/MAX and Carl's Jr. brands in India.

CybizCorp operates with aid from its affiliate firm P.K.Chopra & Co. Over the years, CybizCorp and P.K.Chopra & Co. have emerged as trusted partners that have together built a brand that continuously re-defines the outsourcing paradigms in the domain of Consulting, Food & Beverage, and other Business Services.

Although the Founder and Chairman, Mr. Sam Chopra, founded CybizCorp in 1996, the trajectory for CybizCorp was laid out more than 50 years ago in 1963, when Sam's father, Mr. P.K.Chopra, established P.K.Chopra & Co.

In the 1960s, P.K.Chopra & Co. provided management consulting services like Assurance, Tax and Consultancy. During the 1970s, it expanded its footprints in Nepal and Bhutan as Entry Strategy Consultants, and in the 1980s, it tied up with world's largest consulting company and 5th largest accounting practice known as BDO, and the world's largest hospitality consulting company Horwath International.

P.K.Chopra & Co. company worked with over 170 hotels on behalf of the USAID (United States Agency for International Development). It was during this time in the 1990s that P.K.Chopra & Co. represented brands like American Express, Xerox, A N Z Grindlays Bank, Vodafone, Airtel, Satyam, HDFC, for client and customer acquisition, assurance and tax. It also provided consulting services for some of these companies.

In 1996, Mr. Sam Chopra formed CybizCorp. CybizCorp provides India entry strategies for global and domestic companies including Consulting Services, Telemarketing and Collections. It was during the early 2000s that CybizCorp began diversifying. In 2000, it converted into an Incubation service center for international companies in India and in 2004 it set up small format kiosk cafes with Cafe Coffee Day.

After almost a decade of successful diversification, CybizCorp leaped farther and entered the Real Estate and Franchising verticals in 2009 with the globally renowned RE/MAX. RE/MAX is the world's largest real estate brokerage and franchising company with presence in 100+ Countries with 8000+ Offices and 120,000+ Agents. Despite launching in India amidst recession, RE/MAX has already set up 22 Regional Franchisees and 100 Franchised Offices across 35 cities in India under CybizCorp.

In 2013, CybizCorp added Business Services, Food and Beverage (F&B) and Retail to it's Franchise consulting division and in 2014, it further strengthened its position in the F&B sector in 2014 by taking the Master Franchisee of the Carl's Jr. Today, we operates 5 QSR restaurants across Delhi and NCR region.

Our Vision

CybizCorp aims to develop and match opportunities of brand expansion with customer investments by striving to bealeading group of strategists and consultants in India for Real Estate, Retail and Hospitality and any other vertical it might diversify into.

Our mission

• Enhance the growth of our clients' brands geographically
• Continuously improve the quality of our services
• Develop, innovate and customize our strategies for each client's brand
• Diversify into new verticals and seek out new business opportunities
• Create maximumsatisfaction for our clients and customersthrough quality services.

Our Values

Our values help define who we are as well as what we aspire to always be. Our values are fundamental to our organization and all our related entities. These values are reflected in our daily work and also shape the outcome of our projects. They provide us the power to lead with confidence.

Integrity and Respect | Efficiency and Quality | Commitment and Cooperation | Honesty, Integrity and Transparency | Knowledge.