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    Franchising is abusiness strategy that involves leasing a brand’s business model, image, culture, technology, trade secrets and most importantly, its name for its expansion and growth.

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    Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. At CybizCorp,you become an Entrepreneur with an Advantage. The advantage is complete access to a well-established system. This is because all of our Brands provide you an exciting opportunity to be your own boss but without the need to start from scratch. Each Brand’s modus operandi ensures that you have the suppliers, style, tools and even technology requisite to be successful in its respective competitive industry. Team this up with our ongoing support and we are sure that you have a formula for success!

    If you are looking for athrillingopportunity in business, are motivated to become a successful entrepreneur, then you are at the right place! Let’s make you an Entrepreneur with an Advantage.

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    In today’s fast-paced industries, several businesses need to expand to remain successful,however most methods of expansion can be costly and sluggish. The solution is Franchising. Franchising your business is an effective and efficient way of expanding, whilst staying true to the Brand’s image, culture and values.

    Here at CybizCorp, we not only provide you consultations, we also guide you on your way to becoming a Franchisor. Franchising your business with CybizCorp enables you to rely on a company with the necessary resources to develop your network, grow your Brand and create a niche for your business in it’s competitive Industry.

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    We work in co-operation with you to build a successful business in your area, with maximum profits and services at the lowest possible outlay and risks to you.

    Some of the advantages we offer are: • Proven business model and systems • Established trademarks, Brand and trade secrets • Rapid time-to-market capabilities • Minimized risk • Valuable resources (including Marketing Materials, Trainings, Technology and Standard Operating Procedures)

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    Please feel free Contact Us with your business opportunity if you are interested in franchising your business. Alternatively, please refer to Our Services if you are looking for a business opportunity from one of our Brands. We are always on the lookout for outstanding individuals and organizations with passion and determination.

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